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Parada Del Sol Rodeo                  PARADE PAGE CLICK HERE

67th Annual

March. 05, 06, 07, & 09,  2020

About Us

Parada del Sol is a non profit corporation that provides financial & volunteer support to charities that provide heath care, resources, & community programs that benefit the underserved.

The Parada del Sol is able to provide these resources through the production and promotion of Parada del Sol Rodeo, Parada del Sol Parade and various charitable events.

Don’t miss out on a great time at the Parada Del Sol Rodeo with the family!

Get the details and buy tickets while they last! Interested in helping out with our events? Don’t forget to sign up to lend us a hand as a volunteer.

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Have Questions about what happens at a PRCA Rodeo, Click Here for more information about the different events that you will see at the Parada del Sol Rodeo and other PRCA Rodeos like ours.